Friday, 21 April 2017

Shining Star

Hello and Happy Creative Friday!
Karolina's presenting her charming new project that we hope will inspire you to do something creative this weekend!
There's a video too so you will see ste by step how Karolina created all these luscious layers. Enjoy!

*   *   *   *
Hi everyone!
Like every proud mom I love framing the photos of my sweet little girl.
My daughter loves singing and dancing and so I wanted to create a special piece that would correspond with the lively creative personality of my little Star. :)
I decided to make a traditional scrapbooking layout with a joyful summer holiday atmosphere.
I think this amazing Cotton Candy Dreams collection from 7 Dots Studio goes here just perfectly, don't you think? All the lovely shades of turquoise and green remind me of our family holiday photos and instantly make me smile when I think of those moments.

I wanted to highlight the beautiful paper pattern and after adding a bit of light with Heavy White Gesso, I had a lot of fun playing with textures created with 2 different stencils and Art Extravagance Graphite Texture Paste.
My projects are always heavy in layers because I'm a bit of a magpie and I love tucking in a lot of pretty trinkets and embellishments that make every project so unique. And it's even better when they sparkle and shine - that's when my heart starts beating faster! ;)

In this project I used Glitter together with Art Pebbles.
I used Heavy Body Gel as my adhesive but to make my process cleaner and faster, I poured some of it into a small plastic bottle. The gel dries quite quickly and then becomes completely transparent which means it won't dull the sparkle of glitter.
Of course I couldn't do without the amazing Art Alchemy acrylic paints! I really love the fact that no matter which Opal Magic shades you pick, they perfectly complement each other which makes the whole process truly enjoyable.
I chose the colors corresponding with the papers and used them to highlight my embellishments.
I also painted some touches of pink to add some energy and contrast.
Here's my video tutorial so you can watch step by step how I created this piece.
Don't hesitate to leave any questions you might have in the comments below, I'll be happy to answer.

I just love creating scrapbooking layouts - 

the idea of showcasing a photo and capturing special personal memories really speaks to my heart and is my constant source of inspirations.

I hope my little Star inspires you too to grab some pretty papers and paints and express yourself.
Don't forget to share your art in our friendly Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group!
See you there and happy creating!

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Art Celebration - Altered Brush Collage

Hi my dear ones.
Yes, I'm still away, still traveling - and I'm very happy to see some more of you this week in Minneapolis during Art Is You! Woo hoo - this is just a magical time for me and I can't wait to make my fingers dirty again!
In the meantime I'm working on the Summer 2017 USA Tour schedule - I have some of the dates for classes nailed down already... Can't wait to have it all done and let you know where you can meet me this time!

Speaking about classes - this is my next class proposal for 2017 - Art Celebration Collage, featuring a quite cool altered brush, with beautiful, rich metallic finish and my signature baroque composition!

I'm so happy to be able to share my favorite techniques during my classes with you all.
It is not only great to see you create amazing, breathtaking projects in my classroom, but I have to say that the very the process of teaching is simply priceless for me and I thoroughly love it...
I hope you can see how all these feelings translate into my works. :)
Every time when I'm working with found objects I get really excited and sooner or later I admit to myself: minimalistic compositions are not my cup of tea! ;)

In this collage/assemblage on canvas I had so much joy working with colored mediums and I hope you will have the opportunity to do it with me one day. :)

Just imagine how much fun it is to be creating layers of colors using different combinations and shades of my Art Alchemy Metallique Paints together with Metallique Waxes - the results are just magical...
Another thing that I truly love making and teaching are different kinds of textures.
In this case, I created some really great effects thanks to 3D Gloss Gel (quite heavy layers) and playing with silicone brushes, various texture tools and... a heating gun. :)
All the add-ons and pretty embellishments that always help to create the whole story are found objects and interesting little trinkets like sea shells or lost buttons + my Mechanicals and Art Pebbles - all safely glued with the infallible Heavy Body Gel.
Why I called this class Art Celebration?
Well, it's designed to ignite your imagination and help you find and enjoy the moments you forget about the world outside and simply immerse yourself in the pure joy of artmaking.

I know and cherish this feeing first hand and I'd love to share it with you all.
Will I see you there? ;)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Suns of Gold ATCs

Hello my lovely Friends!
We're starting this week together with Marta and a set of her magical ATCs...
The most beautiful Gold Rush is going on here. ;) Enjoy Marta's Art and a short video tutorial she made. Happy creating!

*   *   *   *
Hello dear crafty friends!
Today I prepared for you something really special! My new art project is full of shine, yummy textures, dimension and lovely metallic colors.
I created a set of Artist Trading Cards themed "Sun".
My main idea was to make a piece in which my focus would be Melange Art Pebbles - they are smooth, shiny and very easy to attach to cardboard pieces (or any kind of surface really).
I also came up with the idea to use hot glue to create the rays of my Suns. I simply applied it with a hot glue gun and let them cool and dry.
The glue is permanent and you can easily paint on it, but first of all, I had to cover everything with Heavy White Gesso to prepare the surface. Once the Gesso dried, my ATCs were ready to be painted.

The Pebbles are originally transparent but I wanted my Suns to be as gold as possible! :)
I used amazing Art Alchemy Sparks Acrylic Paints - Unicorn's Hair, Ginger Magic and Dragons Eye (see links below) - they are such beautiful shades of gold and also perfectly complement each other.
I applied 1-2 layers of each paint just to make sure it's not transparent and that it covers all the gesso.
When my paints were dry, I covered some parts of each of the cards with the beautiful Art Alchemy Waxes. I used golden and copper shades and I blended the colors together.
In the end I applied 3D Gloss Gel and Gold Rush Glass Glitter to add some sparkly metallic accents.

Here's my short video in which you will see how I created my ATCs. Enjoy!

When I look at my ATC cards, they make me think of the treasures of ancient civilizations.
They remind me of Aztec metal decorations, as if they were manufactured in an embossed sheet of metal.

I wanted to make them rich and glamourous and I managed to do so thanks to Sparks Acrylic Paints and Wax accents - they are super sparkly and super shiny.

I think they are the go to products when you feel like creating beautifully deep metal imitations or when you're a fan of fabulously rich, opulent projects. I encourage you to try them yourselves! It's such an amazing fun!

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Kaleidoscope

Hello Dear Friends!
Get ready for a bomb of energy and an amazing feast of vibrant colors - that's what Kassa always does the best! ;)
A beautiful Easter / Springtime inspiration is waiting for you here today... I hope you'll enjoy this fabulous idea and make some Art with us!

*   *   *   *
Hi there lovelies, Kassa here again.
Happy Easter to each and everyone of you, hope you are enjoying a little creative time during this holiday season.

I am enjoying creating with luscious colors, glitters and my brand new Finnabair stamp set 'Don't Forget To Fly' - it's my new favourite set as it full of beautiful butterflies and cool circles in various sizes and designs, I feel I will be using it a lot!
I got to decorate eggs for this piece, how perfect are Finnabair's Art Ingredients for decorating with fine detail and sparkle - swooning...
Step 1 - On A4 sketch paper (135gsm) I randomly painted 5 different colours of the Metallique Art Alchemy paints.
I paint the warmer shades first, when dry I paint the cooler shades (let the colours dry between applications helps the colours stay true and not mix and blend into a muddy colour).
I apply approx 2 layers of the various colours and I blend the various colours into/over each other as the paintbrush gets less paint on it (drybrushing technique).
Step 2 - I only added a little stencil work over my background because the stamps I was going to use are beautifully delicate and detailed.
With one of Finnabair's large headed paintbrushes just pick up a very little of the Pure Sunshine paint, on a scrap of paper blend the paint into your brush before applying over the stencil on your background, apply randomly.
Step 3 - I used black Archival ink to stamp oodles of the lush circles and butterflies, then I enjoyed cutting them out with a cup of tea and catch-up tv... :)
Step 4 - The mini plastic eggs I coated with the Metallique paint first, whilst wet added a dab of coordinating Sparks paint, quickly sprinkled with coordinating Micro Beads and Glitter - so easy and they look so effective.
I did use my tweezers to help me during this messy painty session, helped not to get fingerprints on the eggs.
Step 5 - I like to create a shape before adhering anything down, but don't take too long finding a shape as you have to move it all to adhere; it's a good idea to take a picture to refer back.

Soft Matte Gel is  my number 1 choice when adhering paper to paper. Painting both surfaces, leave the edges unglued so you can slip and slide other circles under/over one another as you build and balance your shape organically and naturally.

Adhere the eggs, butterflies and random chip of old wood with Finnabair 3DMatte Gel as it is a thicker adhesive and will hold everything in place whilst it dries.
Step 6 - To soften the edges and pull my shape out I stampeed a few soft lines with a Doily stamp, using first the Pure Sunshine Metallique paint, then overstamp using black Archival Ink.
I sprinkled a few of the Mini Art Stones onto and below the chip of wood.
Step 7 - For the splatters I used a toothbrush, for little soft splatters just use watered down gesso/paint and for the long loose wilder splatters use your gesso/paint a little thicker (remember to cover anything you don't want splattering!).

Black glitter always adds drama and draws the eye so I pop a little under the chip of wood (as if it were a shadow) and a tiny drop into the middle of the butterflies and the splatters.
Step 8 - Finally with a small headed paintbrush I added a dab of the twinkly Sparks 'Dragon's Eye' onto the eggs, the Art Stones and the old chip of wood - this paint gives a look of opulence, a gold leaf sort of twinkle.
I also added a few random splatters with Sparks paints and watered down White Gesso.
The stamped and cut out butterflies added sweet final touches and more of a feeling of depth.

And then it was time for me to tidy up my colorful mess...
I have managed to splatter everything in sight! :)

I can't wait to see what you create this Eastertime!

Do go share you artwork with us up over on the Finnabair and friends Facebook page, it's a really warm and friendly group where anyone can share their creativity, tips and ask questions too.

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