Sunday, 15 January 2012

Visiting Norway :)

I'm happy to announce that I am visiting Norway in March 2012 :)
I was invited to the Scrapperally event, which is planned for 23rd-25th March.
I'm having 4 different mixed-media classes there... and be sure at last some of them you'll use on my new paper collection - Wonderland!

You can read more details and sign up for the classes here, on the Scrapperlally bolg!
I hope to see you on my classes - I promise it will be fun :)


Bellaidea said...

O Finn, a kiedy odwiedzisz mnie?:)
Życzę Ci wspaniałej zabawy z sympatycznymi dziewczynami!
Nowa kolekcja zachwycająca, już nie mogę się doczekać!

corinne de france said...

Quelle chance!! moi j'ai hâte de refaire DES ateliers avec vous

DeeDee said...

let me know, dear girl, when you'll be in the US!!

cat lacigale said...

Have a good trip !

Riikka said...

So beautiful!

Brit Sviggum said...

:) :) :) Can`t wait to join your class :)

Beata Ewa said...

Bede miala przyjemnosc uczestniczyc w Scrapperally ( w sobote ), i oczywiscie zapisalam sie na jeden z Twoich kursow :) Chyba nie musze dodawac, ze bardzo sie ciesze i czekam z niecierpliwoscia ;)

Pozdrawiam :)

Elisabeth said...

Looking forward to March and your classes :)

Ewik21 said...

oj ale im zazdraszczam...... Aniu życzę powodzenia i ściskam.

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

nice blog!
I love it
from Chile

Gillian .... said...

Now why can't I live in Norway lol, would love to take one of your workshops, maybe a trip to the UK would help my plea.

Scrappegal sørlending said...

WOOOOW!!!! LOVE your new papercollection!!
Hope my darling will let me go to this crop! But by now he says no because it's his birthday. But I'm still hoping to get the chance to meet you again!